I fell in love with your hat in Martinborough last winter but was away for an extravagant escape so couldn’t justify it…it’s quietly waited in the wings of my desires since.
A good hat is a good friend, I’ll be sure to take it adventuring.
Many thanks for the lovely personal service, my hat feels warmer for it.

I saw your hats at Scout Dublin on my first day there (8 day trip around Ireland) and I so regretted not buying one! So I decided to buy online and am happy that I was able to design my own 🙂 Excited to wear the hat!
Thank you,

Hello Liadain,
I bought one of your lovely hats from the Irish  design shop in Dublin this summer when we were over visiting my husband’s cousins. I gave that hat to my sister for Christmas and she has worn it a lot, and several other family members like it so much that they asked me if they could have one too – also one is for me!

So I hope the colour combinations I have chosen prove as popular!

My hats arrived safely and look great! Thanks very much. Another brother in law is already asking for one for his birthday , so I expect I’ll be in touch again soon!

Hello- just to let you know my beautiful jumper arrived today . I absolutely love it .
Thank you very much .

Hi Liadain.
First of all,thank you so much !
My girlfriend absolutely loves it (hat).
And Here is the thing.
Actually I and my girlfriend weren’t sure if we keep this relationship after we leave Ireland because she is from Spain and I’m from Japan and we knew it’s going to be tough in the long time distance relationship .
But right after I gave her the present she asked me to keep in relationship even though it’s going to be a long distance relationship. (It turned out we both wanted to keep this relationship but we both were just scared to ask) and I’m sure the present was like one of the triggers to ask.
So Thanks again for lovely hat and card !

‘What a lovely idea to be able to pick your colours for the Bobble Hat from your merino wool colour range!! Soft and comfy to wear, keeping cosy in the Tassie winter.
Wonderful customer service!!! ‘

I love your products and think it’s so great that your love of knitting with your mum and grandmother has given you much pleasure and success. It is a lovely story. You must be very proud.

Our lambswool Kids Hats. 9 beautiful colourways in our new versatile roll up design. These hats are long and can be folded once or twice or rolled up to your desired length.

The kids size 3 will fit a S/M adult! Stretching from 44cm to 58cm.

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The final video here for you. It's also on the home page of the website.

Big Thank you to @robdeboer_ and to @vincebenedict for making this beautiful film. Rob initially fell in love with the Poolbeg Chimneys jumper which set off this project. These guys skills are amazing and they're real dotes too.

Check out their crew @bigstyle.ie & @bigstylemediahouse for wild outdoor water adventures and their films promoting artisan crafts around the world.

Big Thanks to all the winter swimmers @lucyebowen @cnichathasaigh @maissarababy for braving the Half Moon swim in December 2019.

Big Thanks to @annamiekeb for the beautiful song.

So grateful to you all ♡
#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #bigstylemediahouse #bigstyle #annamieke #poolbegchimneys #poolbeg #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #madelocal #wearingirish #dccoi

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From every house I ever lived in Dublin, I could see the Poolbeg Chimneys. Each morning I'd say hello to them when I opened the curtains. They have a special place in many people's hearts.

The Big Style crew give wind surfing lessons in Dublin Bay. @robdeboer_ saw the knit Poolbeg Jumper at a fashion shoot and it was like it was made for him. And soon enough it was his.

@bigstyle.ie started branching out and making good use of Rob and @vincebenedict film skills. @bigstylemediahouse was born. The guys had an idea for a film for LA knitwear...

Keep an eye out for teaser two at lunchtime today!

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #bigstyle #bigstylemediahouse #poolbegchimneys #poolbeg

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We have a little surprise to launch this week. A beautiful little collaboration with @bigstyle.ie and @bigstylemediahouse. Keep an eye on my stories at lunch time today for the first teaser.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #bigstyle
#dublin #poolbeg #poolbegchimneys

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I love this photo of @alicehalliday & Bentley. Kate @katebeancreative takes the most magic photos. Her beautiful energy puts her subjects at ease. Check out her photos of couples, weddings and women in water. The strength and beauty she captures is mesmerising.

Alice wears the Roll Up Regular with two folds in Kingfisher green, Carnival Yellow and Foxglove. Bentley wears the Roll Up Percher in Mustard.

A historical day as Kamala Harris becomes the first female black vice president of the USA.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #donegalyarns #merinowool #cherishforlife #wearingirish #madelocal

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Last in the triptych - another by @ruth.connolly . Ruth is wearing our new style roll up percher hat. We will be launching 6 colours soon.

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Ahh just cant get enough of this little cutie @ruth.connolly.

Made for You baby hats back online and soon a 9 colourway Kids hats range will be launching soon. 3 sizes to cover newborns up til 12 years.

#kidshats #babyhats #liadainaikeninsta
#wearingirish #madelocal

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Absolutely love this photo. Nothing like a snuggle with a wee baba. Sending you all lots of love as we feel and navigate our way into these next few weeks.

Photo taken by @ruth.connolly of her partner and their little one.
Baby hat in size 1 is Rosemary Green, Sky Blue and Yellow bobble. We will be releaseing a range of these hats in our new style soon.

In the meantime you can choose your colours for our new style kids Made for You range.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #ruthconnolly #babyhats #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #madetoorder #cherishforlife #wearingirish #madelocal

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"My beautiful Frank jumper arrived last week in perfect time for the change in weather- I absolutely love it and know I will treasure it for years to come."

Orla gifted herself this Eileen Jumper after completing her last set of exams. Congratulations Orla, what a lovely way to mark the occasion. Thanks for sharing this sweet photo. Happy Wearing. ♡

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #madetoorder #cherishforlife #chooseyourcolour #pickyourcolour #staycosy&colourful #madelocal

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