I fell in love with your hat in Martinborough last winter but was away for an extravagant escape so couldn’t justify it…it’s quietly waited in the wings of my desires since.
A good hat is a good friend, I’ll be sure to take it adventuring.
Many thanks for the lovely personal service, my hat feels warmer for it.

Beanie grey pink green bobble ethical irish design handmade unisex

I saw your hats at Scout Dublin on my first day there (8 day trip around Ireland) and I so regretted not buying one! So I decided to buy online and am happy that I was able to design my own 🙂 Excited to wear the hat!
Thank you,

zig zag radish soft pink red bobble sustainable unisex irish design handcrafted

Hello Liadain,
I bought one of your lovely hats from the Irish  design shop in Dublin this summer when we were over visiting my husband’s cousins. I gave that hat to my sister for Christmas and she has worn it a lot, and several other family members like it so much that they asked me if they could have one too – also one is for me!

So I hope the colour combinations I have chosen prove as popular!

My hats arrived safely and look great! Thanks very much. Another brother in law is already asking for one for his birthday , so I expect I’ll be in touch again soon!

Beanie hat Blue Orange Brown bobble ethical irish design handmade unisex

Hello- just to let you know my beautiful jumper arrived today . I absolutely love it .
Thank you very much .

raglan jumper multi red grey blue mustard unisex flecked wool sustainable

Hi Liadain.
First of all,thank you so much !
My girlfriend absolutely loves it (hat).
And Here is the thing.
Actually I and my girlfriend weren’t sure if we keep this relationship after we leave Ireland because she is from Spain and I’m from Japan and we knew it’s going to be tough in the long time distance relationship .
But right after I gave her the present she asked me to keep in relationship even though it’s going to be a long distance relationship. (It turned out we both wanted to keep this relationship but we both were just scared to ask) and I’m sure the present was like one of the triggers to ask.
So Thanks again for lovely hat and card !

wool beanie hats ethical sustainable

‘What a lovely idea to be able to pick your colours for the Bobble Hat from your merino wool colour range!! Soft and comfy to wear, keeping cosy in the Tassie winter.
Wonderful customer service!!! ‘

lambswool hat moss green sea blue mustard ethical made in ireland cosy unisex

I love your products and think it’s so great that your love of knitting with your mum and grandmother has given you much pleasure and success. It is a lovely story. You must be very proud.

grey dark grey cream large shawl sustainable ethical ireland wild land wild Atlantic way

Oh my goodness, the rain the past while has been crazy!
So this is what you got to do as soon as the sun comes out... hop in the car and go for it.

These swims are what restore me.
It's my busy time of year and my head is full of lists and jumping from making pompoms, to writing bios, to doing a slideshow presentation, to emails, packing orders, doing patterns. Tis a lot like.

I have zero complaints to be honest just so grateful for the swims and where I live. I'm very feicin lucky!

And for once this reel didnt take an age to make either! A lil slice of my day for you! And the water was lovely.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #keeptheflamesburning #seaswimming
#cherishforlife #circularfashion #madeinireland #madetoorder #madelocal

Music @claresandsceol

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💫 G I F T C A R D S 💫

We will be offering Gift Cards again this year! Our Made For You range is the perfect gift for your loved one. They can choose their favourite colours for a hat, mittens, jumper or cardigan.

You can choose to have it emailed or an actual card and colourful envelope posted to you. Each voucher will be valid for a year!

Please note that the amount on the Gift Card does not cover postage. Postage costs will be extra when the person uses their code against a purchase.

Stay cosy
Liadain ♡


#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #giftcards #madeinireland #madetoorder #cherishforlife #madelocal #madetolast #madeforyou

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Here I am a few weeks ago adding ribs to this sweater vest. The wool is from @moyhillfarm and has been dyed by Malú @talu.earth.

This is the first sample where I knit the main front and back on the chunky knitting machine and am now hand knitting on the ribs to add the pops of colour that LA knitwear is known for.

Would you like to see more videos like this or are they a bit slow! Haa I've always tended to be somewhat long winded!!!

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #madeinireland #madetoorder #cherishforlife #madeforyou #madelocal

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It's about time I got silly on here.

Thank you for all your orders.
This is my happy dance!

Now to head off to the post office!

Calling all crafters... let's see your happy dance!

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta

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Made Local launches today!
This wonderful initative by @dccireland to support and promote all the beautiful craft being made in Ireland.

As the festive season of gifting approaches and all the worries of the world are on our shoulders, it feels as important as ever to choose our gifts for ourselves and others with care for our needs and our loved ones needs.

To consider how these items will live in the world.
How useful will they be?
Will they bring joy?
Will they have a long life of being loved, used, reused, recycled and upcycled?
Will they return to the earth with ease?
Who will do a happy dance when they receive your order?
How far will the item travel?
Do you know where it was made and who made it?

We are so lucky in this wee country to have so many amazing skilled makers creating beautiful useful products that tick all these boxes. I do hope that this campaign encourages a lot of happy dances in studios around the country over the next few months.

I'm so grateful to each order that comes in and love my happy wiggle dance. Sure maybe that could be a part of the campaign!!?? Videos of Happy Dances all round? What do ye think?

Le grá & buíochas
With love & gratitude
Liadain & the knit team

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #madeinireland #MADELOCAL #madetolast #madelocal #dccoi #madetoorder #cherishforlife #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign

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This beautiful photo popped up for me recently. It's from the first photoshoot in 2016 and I love it.

It's amazing how far this little brand has come and where we set our sights on going. This year has been slow but sometimes you need to pause and let new things ferment until they start fizzing enough to pop into the world. Hmmm maybe I need a cold fizzy drink!

I am currently making my way to the UK for a holiday. I'll be buzzing around the Glastonbury area and down to Cornwall. Have you any tips or must sees? Would love to hear your suggestions. Sacred sights, hidden gems, magical swimming spots, tasty food, wild hearted people. We will be car camping with a teeny tent, so any campsites or wild camping spots.

I'm looking forward to this adventure. Here's to a lán spraoi agus fuinneamh fiáin ar an turas!

Grá mór
Liadain ♡

Photo @jeannie_o_brien
Model @ailbhe_carey00

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #cherishforlife

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Holiday, Celebrate!

Hello Wool Gang,

I am going on holidays, so I wanted to give you a chance to stock up on knits before I go off for 3 weeks! Use the code below to receive 
20% OFF all our READY FOR YOU knits until Friday 15th July.

The studio will be closed from Monday 18th July.  
We will open again on Monday 8th August.  
If you order during this time we will process and 
post orders as soon as we return.
It might seem mad to order wool in the middle of a heatwave, yet
 the cold weather is never far away in Ireland!  
Maybe you have an upcoming birthday of someone special 
or a little baba arriving soon!
Wishing you all a wonderful summer.
Le grá & buíochas
Liadain & The Knit Team x

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #cherishforlife #staycolourful #staycosy #knitstagram #machineknittersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #machineknitting #handmade #holiday #summersale

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