I fell in love with your hat in Martinborough last winter but was away for an extravagant escape so couldn’t justify it…it’s quietly waited in the wings of my desires since.
A good hat is a good friend, I’ll be sure to take it adventuring.
Many thanks for the lovely personal service, my hat feels warmer for it.

Beanie grey pink green bobble ethical irish design handmade unisex

I saw your hats at Scout Dublin on my first day there (8 day trip around Ireland) and I so regretted not buying one! So I decided to buy online and am happy that I was able to design my own 🙂 Excited to wear the hat!
Thank you,

zig zag radish soft pink red bobble sustainable unisex irish design handcrafted

Hello Liadain,
I bought one of your lovely hats from the Irish  design shop in Dublin this summer when we were over visiting my husband’s cousins. I gave that hat to my sister for Christmas and she has worn it a lot, and several other family members like it so much that they asked me if they could have one too – also one is for me!

So I hope the colour combinations I have chosen prove as popular!

My hats arrived safely and look great! Thanks very much. Another brother in law is already asking for one for his birthday , so I expect I’ll be in touch again soon!

Beanie hat Blue Orange Brown bobble ethical irish design handmade unisex

Hello- just to let you know my beautiful jumper arrived today . I absolutely love it .
Thank you very much .

raglan jumper multi red grey blue mustard unisex flecked wool sustainable

Hi Liadain.
First of all,thank you so much !
My girlfriend absolutely loves it (hat).
And Here is the thing.
Actually I and my girlfriend weren’t sure if we keep this relationship after we leave Ireland because she is from Spain and I’m from Japan and we knew it’s going to be tough in the long time distance relationship .
But right after I gave her the present she asked me to keep in relationship even though it’s going to be a long distance relationship. (It turned out we both wanted to keep this relationship but we both were just scared to ask) and I’m sure the present was like one of the triggers to ask.
So Thanks again for lovely hat and card !

wool beanie hats ethical sustainable

‘What a lovely idea to be able to pick your colours for the Bobble Hat from your merino wool colour range!! Soft and comfy to wear, keeping cosy in the Tassie winter.
Wonderful customer service!!! ‘

lambswool hat moss green sea blue mustard ethical made in ireland cosy unisex

I love your products and think it’s so great that your love of knitting with your mum and grandmother has given you much pleasure and success. It is a lovely story. You must be very proud.

grey dark grey cream large shawl sustainable ethical ireland wild land wild Atlantic way

Hey Folks,

Here`s two raglan cardigans that we made recently. The first in Wild Rose with Mustard and Orange pockets. The 2nd in Deep Red with lil stripes of Foxglove and Carnival Red on the sleeve cuffs. This one was super cropped so we left off the pockets.

Always send me an email if you have a special request for fit or length. We can see what we can do.

Big love

Song @blue.mockingbirds

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Hey Folks,

Here`s the latest Dearbhla jumper. Made for @dearbhlaglynn in Fuchsia Pink. A few changes. Its a lil wider with a longer waist band.

These cosy jumpers are great for keeping your lower back and kidneys warm. Can be ordered in lots of different colours. Dm me with your interest.

Grá agus buíochas
Liadain ✨️

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Hi Folks,

New Baby Hats are here!

Six new colours in Size One which fits 6 months up to 2 years! Look at these lil cuties. We know you love some of the classic baby colours and we always try do a few gender neutral ones too. What do you think?

We decided to only stock the baby hats in the Ready For You range, as well frankly they are the main ones that ye want. If you are seeking a Hat for 3years up to 12 years then go to the Made For You section and you can order there. If you have a question or a colour request then pop it in the Order Notes and we`ll be in touch.

I am also curious to see if you are keen for Teeny Baby Hats. That would fit 0-6 months. These would be one colour with no bobble. Let me know your thoughts.

Song - Baby Dream by @samyelyel

Grá mór agus buíochas
Liadain ♡

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Hey Folks,

These new kerchiefs are finally online. I took these videos in late February and it`s taken me til now to get them online.

There are two new colours Grass Green and Turmeric. These are added to the 2024 colours. There are 5 random kerchiefs with a thick stripe on one edge. Curious to see if you like these and would be keen for more random striped kerchiefs. I did do a few wide striped a few years ago, which were a hit.

There`s only one of each of these - Linen/Yellow, Linen/Rosemary, Barracuda/Rosemary & two Barracuda/Yellow.

Making the reel was a bit of craic! Enjoy!

Hope ye are all well.
Grá agus buíochas
Liadain ♡

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Hello Folks,

Introducing the Kitty Jumper Dress. It`s a pretty simple addition to our range: the Frank Large jumper made longer with shorter arms.

This is a special garment for me though, I choose to make a cosy comfy garment to wear during my menstrual bleed, to honour this time more. As I mentioned in the previous post that I have been learning more about the menstrual cycle and how we can support ourselves more during them. I`m training with @kitty_maguire_menstrual_mentor. Who better to name the dress after only the amazing woman who started the Red Alchemy Clann.

The colour I choose are Carnival Red body and Deep Red Sleeves to represent the magic blood. Wild Rose on the neck for feminine softeness of the rose petals but also their protective thorns, these are needed to remind us to put ourselves first a little. Cancel dates when your period arrives, try to make space to rest, which I realise is not easy. Then Bog Green on the cuffs for the earth and Mother nature. To remind me to give my blood back to the earth and spend time in nature.

I was lucky that my last period came on Good Friday, so I cancelled plans and had 3 days to rest up, cook nice food, sleep, lay by the fire. This is the first time I`ve ever given myself that much time to just be. It was so nice and I feel much better for it now as I move into my Inner Spring time. In a world where doing is most praised and capitalism is ruining the world, to Rest is a Radical act. It`s also a privilege for those of us lucky enough to find time relax, be that a day or a few hours.

Anyway, I could rattle on for ages but for now I just wanted to show ye this jumper dress. I love it. Delighted to have a cosy thing to wear to the shops, to do gentle yoga in or just hop into bed in. Works with leggings, trackies or comfy pants.

These dresses can be made from any of the Eileen or Frank Jumper sizing. I`m keen to try a smaller size for a neat fit. I also have one this exact size in Black & Navy which I will share soon. Do tell me your thoughts and if you are interested in one. And how`s the period talk landing? Ye into it?

Grá mór
Liadain ❤️

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Hello folks,

I`m starting to process the new Dathú Collection photos and remembered these photos. They kind of crack me up, so thought the most fun way was to post them all and give ye a giggle into how gas it is for me to try model and be a photographer. If you can imagine me shouting Cheese at my phone to take the photo. 😂
Well mission accomplished... you get the feel of the jumper!!!

This jumper was snapped up before it made it onto the website. Hence me taking a few quick snaps before it went in the post.

It was knit by us and tie dyed by @talu.earth with Madder and Weld to create this beautiful dapple of orange, red and yellow. It is a Frank Medium.

Keep an eye out for a newsletter soon with a link the second batch of the Dathú Collection. It`s a limited run of kids and adult hats, a few kerchiefs and two jumpers.

Message me if you`re interested in a Dathú naturally dyed knit. I`m taking orders for the next limited edition run. This next batch will showcase more variety of dye options and colours.

Le grá & buíochas

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Hey folks, I`ve been thinking about how Id like to enguage a little more on here. I`ve felt that the world being so heavy of late and there`s so much to tune into and figure out. All of which Im on for. I`m in it with you all. But my goodness my energy has been zapped too. And its felt like I`ve wanted to run away from here, coz where do colourful wool things fit. Then I listened to a few things and got a good reboot.

It`s important that we celebrate our gifts, that we bring joy and share it, even more so when things are really feicin tough. So anyway... half way through knitting this hat I decided to do a time lapse.

The ends of cones are always hanging around so I decided to start knitting random striped hats with them. I ususlly pile them on the floor beside me and just start with enough to do the rib. Then just randomly choose colours as I go. As I`m changing colour every few rows I hand feed in the yarn into the carriage, which makes it a slower process. And a good workout as my hand and arm work as the tension mast. The movement has a nice flow. Maybe I`ll do another video where I`m more visible.

I don`t plan the stripes out and instead just go with what I am drawn to and feeling into how many rows. Sometimes whats left on the cone dictates the stripes. It`s fun, it takes time, it`s more like playing. It`s nice to just flow and not overthink.

And great to use up the end of yarn. Win win.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Grá agus buíochas
Liadain ♡

Agus mar a deir Motaz. Saoirse Phalaistín ♡

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I was just sent this photo of Matt from @littledeercomics in Stoneybatter in his new LA hat!

It`s cheered me right up! Love the colourful cosy outfit.

Grá mór

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta

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