I fell in love with your hat in Martinborough last winter but was away for an extravagant escape so couldn’t justify it…it’s quietly waited in the wings of my desires since.
A good hat is a good friend, I’ll be sure to take it adventuring.
Many thanks for the lovely personal service, my hat feels warmer for it.

I saw your hats at Scout Dublin on my first day there (8 day trip around Ireland) and I so regretted not buying one! So I decided to buy online and am happy that I was able to design my own 🙂 Excited to wear the hat!
Thank you,

Hello Liadain,
I bought one of your lovely hats from the Irish  design shop in Dublin this summer when we were over visiting my husband’s cousins. I gave that hat to my sister for Christmas and she has worn it a lot, and several other family members like it so much that they asked me if they could have one too – also one is for me!

So I hope the colour combinations I have chosen prove as popular!

My hats arrived safely and look great! Thanks very much. Another brother in law is already asking for one for his birthday , so I expect I’ll be in touch again soon!

Hello- just to let you know my beautiful jumper arrived today . I absolutely love it .
Thank you very much .

Hi Liadain.
First of all,thank you so much !
My girlfriend absolutely loves it (hat).
And Here is the thing.
Actually I and my girlfriend weren’t sure if we keep this relationship after we leave Ireland because she is from Spain and I’m from Japan and we knew it’s going to be tough in the long time distance relationship .
But right after I gave her the present she asked me to keep in relationship even though it’s going to be a long distance relationship. (It turned out we both wanted to keep this relationship but we both were just scared to ask) and I’m sure the present was like one of the triggers to ask.
So Thanks again for lovely hat and card !

‘What a lovely idea to be able to pick your colours for the Bobble Hat from your merino wool colour range!! Soft and comfy to wear, keeping cosy in the Tassie winter.
Wonderful customer service!!! ‘

I love your products and think it’s so great that your love of knitting with your mum and grandmother has given you much pleasure and success. It is a lovely story. You must be very proud.

Three is the magic number. Last one of Jen @the.nature.wave taken by @aimeestonescamera.

Wishing you all a good week.

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Three is the magic number, so here's another beautiful photo by @aimeestonescamera of @thenaturewave .

Every time I've bumped into Aimee these past few years she had a camera in her hand. I got to know Aimee through friends and by going to her yoga classes in the Elbow Room. It's really lovely when you watch someone you know take on a new craft and then see it blossom.

It takes courage to take up something new . Starting with a blank page , knowing it's going to take practice. Lately I've been painting little pictures and really enjoying mixing colours and finding things to copy or inspire me. Being careful to not be too harsh on myself. Letting the little girl in me play with it.

Have you picked up something new the past year? Any tips for staying with a new craft when it feels hard?

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Hope ya'll keeping cosy out there!

We have lots of soft lambswool kids hats in stock. We are posting all the pre-orders for the adult roll up hats today.

Big love

Photo @cliomeldon
#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #staycolourful #staycosy #cherishforlife

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Hello! The sun is shining and here I am taking selfies!

Oh by the way our cosy lambswool kerchiefs are back online. We will have 5 of each of the 12 colours ready to post next week. So pre-order now!

Also so keen to see how you wear yours? What colour do you love?
We are choosing some spring colours... what colour would you like to see you through fresh mornings into the Summer?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Big love
Liadain and the Knit Team

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I love this illustration of myself looking at a jumper on the screen. Sometimes I cannot help but wish life was much more cartoon like and each order dinged onto the screen in full colour like this! Now that would be fun!

Still @fuchsiamacaree does capture the enjoyment that the team experiences as we watch your chosen colourways come to life!

We are so grateful for every order that comes our way. As we are just starting back on Monday we ask you to bear with us as we build stock back up again. Those of you on the jumper waitlist are getting first dibs before we open up the listing again.

Made For You hats and mittens are back open again. The Ready For You Range production is also underway.

Here's to 2021 being a year full of colour that help us all shine bright.

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This is a linking machine. It is used to sew up seams of knit fabrics - similar a sewing machine, yet very different.

It has a circular ring of points. The knit seams are neatly pushed on to these points and fine wool is used to link them up. The linker loops the thread to create a chain stitch on one side and a running stitch on the other.

If you look at the seams on our knitwear you'll find one somewhere. It takes skill to use this machine with accuracy, efficiency and with a neat finish. Especially when adding on the neck rib to a jumper as it has raw stitches.

These machines are mainly manufactured by Hague in the UK, since 1860. This is where we have to send them should a part wear out, which nearly costs as much as buying one 2nd hand. They make brand new ones and electric ones with foot peddles.

Illustration by @fuchsiamacaree

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Each piece of knitwear bares the mark of the hands that made it. There is a lot of hand sewing to finish a piece.

The rib of the original style hats is hand-sewn along with the top that is gathered in. The sleeve and neck ribs of jumpers, so they join nice and neat. The long funnel necks and backs of intarsia and jacquard patterns.

There are also lots of ends to be tidied away. Ends are little lengths of yarn where one section was finished and or another started. Its important they're tidied securely so they don't unravel.

These things take time and take time to get fast at being efficient & neat. It's amazing how quick you get when you have a batch of 20 hats to get through.

I hope this series is giving you a real insight into every step and every skilled pair of hands that you are investing in when you choose a piece of our knitwear. It's a nice way for me to take stock as we start the year.

Illustration @fuchsiamacaree

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #irishknitweardesigner #irishknitwear #irishdesign #irishlandscape #madeinireland #madetoorder #cherishforlife #wearingirish #madelocal #dccoi

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We love these illustrations @fuchsiamacaree made of Our Process. Interesting to post it from finish to start.

All of the yarns we currently use need to be wet finished. They come with the natural Lanolin oils found on a sheeps fleece. Once the garment is finished we need to wash and dry it to remove the oils. This process shrinks and fluffs up the yarn.

Finding the right washing machine and tumble dryer can be tricky. It needs to be consistent. The amount of pieces in the machine will effect the shrinkage. We often have to wait til there is enough to be washed, which can then in turn effect lead times.

As the current studio is a very integrated home studio, everything is washed, dried on racks by the stove in my living area. Or outside in the sun in the summer. Luciky there is underfloor heating that helps too. Some items take 24 hours to dry fully.

Once the garment is dry, it is ironed, labelled and ready to post. All our knitwear from then on is hand-washed to maintain the size. Wool really benefits from being washed, it helps the fibres spring back to life again. I wash all my wools at least twice a year and air them out or spot clean inbetween.

One thing on the list is a more detsiled washing guide. There is a low-fi version on the story highlights which will give you an idea.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #fuchsiamacaree

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As 2020 draws to a close and the team and I soak up some well deserved rest. Here's a little backwards story of Our Process, illustrated by the wonderful @fuchsiamacaree.

We hope all your knit pieces arrived safe and sound. We know some were delayed on the way. We love to see our knits out on adventures, so do tag us in your stories or message us with photos.

The studio will re-open on 11th January. We will respond to any emails received then.

Wishing you all a beautiful full moon and NYE. I'll be taking some time to look back on 2020 and to vision my way into 2021

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #fuchsiamacaree

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Sunlight warming your skin on a cold winter's day.

We got a bit of a shock with An Post saying we now need to post by Monday to get parcels delivered in time for Christmas. So we will be working all weekend to have our last orders ready to post on Monday and possibly a few on Tuesday.

If you have ordered, I ask you not to panic. Be comforted that we are busting it to get your hats knit and out to you. We send everything by registered post and will email you all with the tracking number the day it is posted.

Then it will be in the hands of the amazing An Post team. So lets send all of the An Post team love and encouragement. Holla big Hellos, whoops of cheer, air punches, sing them songs of joy and praise! These guys are working their asses off.

And in all honesty a slightly delayed present just extends the joy a few days. So please be patient and focus on what really matters. Stay with the love.

Photo @megan_cusack by @katebeancreative
#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta #anpost #goteamanpost #weloveanpost #anpostrock

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Good Morning, the orders have been flying in. Our Made For You accessories are closing today. We will keep them open today until 5pm or earlier if we reach our capacity. So get in now to avoid disappointment.

We will also be putting online some cardigans in the next few days. So keep an eye on here that launch.

Absolutely love this First Light shoot. Working with photographer @katebeancreative is a dream. I love these photos of sisters @megan_cusack & @kitcusack.

#liadainaikenknitwear #liadainaikeninsta

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